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Acetylene derivatives (alkynes) are the back bone to the GFS organic product line. The acquisition of Farchan Laboratories (Gainsville, FL) in the mid-1990's added over 400 core alkynes to our product list. With this came the addition of liquid ammonia chemistry as a reaction media as well as helped further expand our work in the area of Sonogashira chemistry among other palladium (Pd) catalyzed coupling reactions.

The use of trimethylsilylacetylene (TMSA, TMS Acetylene) and phenylacetylene has become a base chemistry platform for several on-going projects as well as new development projects and alternative chemistry routes for existing products.

Alkynes have become core building blocks for several other functionalized products such as our specialty olefins, diactylenic intermediates and specialty heterocycles, to name a few. We estimate that alkyne chemistry is responsible for approximately 15% of all R&D work today. The growing number of literature references that use acetylenic intermediates in organic synthesis demonstrates the impact this chemical family continues to have on the research community from "Click Chemistry"® used to assemble complex heteroaromatics and other heterocycles to the construction of chromophores, plasmons, photochromic indicators and specialty polymers.
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Specialty Acetylenes
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