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Although not well known for our work in silanes, GFS Chemicals manufacturers and supports several different silane derivatives. Our primary focus is utilizing silanes as blocking agents (hexamethyldisilazane and chlorosilanes). Most of the silane containing compounds supported at GFS are typically intermediates to other molecules or special request products that have found a wide range of applications by protecting specific functional groups such as alkynes and alcohols.

Triisopropylsilylacetylene (TIPS acetylene) and trimethylsilylacetylene (TMS acetylene) are great examples of protected alkynes while 1-trimethylsiloxy-2-propyne or 1-trimethylsiloxy-3-butyne offer protection of the alcohol functional group. GFS also manufactures and/or supports a wide range of chlorosilanes (trimethylchlorosilane, triisopropylchlorosilane, etc.) and other organosilanes (triisopropylsilane, triethylsilane, etc.) as both coupling and cross-linking agents that offer value to many synthetic chemists whether in the pharmaceutical, electronic, automotive or any number of other industries.
Silyl Intermediates
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