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GFS is the world's largest producer of perchloric acid and specialty perchlorate salts and a renowned resource on the safety and manufacture of these materials. All products meet the highest quality standards and are used throughout the world today. GFS has been manufacturing perchloric acid since 1928. Perchloric acid is a strong monobasic acid having certain unique properties that enable it to effect certain reactions in which other strong acids fail. These same properties demand that knowledge and care be exercised in its use. Once only thought of for analytical lab analysis, it has become reinvented as a novel compound for applications ranging from polymerization catalysis to ore extractions. GFS manufactures other high purity perchlorates such as magnesium perchlorate, lithium perchlorate, potassium perchlorate, perchloric acid and sodium perchlorate salts. Perchlorate salts are used in specialized commercial applications.
Perchlorate Compounds
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