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For over 60 years GFS Chemicals has supported a mixed bag of heteroaromatic compounds. Until the acquisition of Farchan Labs these were largely focused on bipyridine, phenanthroline and terpyridine derivatives. With the addition of over 400 acetylene derivatives and the capability to make hundreds more, GFS moved into a position to support "Click Chemistry"® from the ground floor opening up a new world of heteroaromatic development.

If you can dream it, maybe we can help you build it. Again, this is another area of vertical integration that finds its' way into some of today's most exciting areas of development. GFS has been very active in supporting numerous customers - big and small - as an outsourcing partner by stringing together some of our core building blocks and helping create the molecule needed to move project forward.

As such a large area of product development we are finding heteroaromatic compounds to be customer exclusive, creating a more custom product driven environment and limiting our direct exposure. We welcome your inquiries and offer a good backbone of chemistry and product mix to remain nimble and flexible in the support of your project.
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Heteroaromatic Ligands
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