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GFS Chemicals has handled such things as hydrogen chloride, iodine, bromine and other halogenating agents since founded. As our core organic product base and technical capabilities expanded through the years we continued to add halogenated compounds to our product offering. Alkylations and other coupling chemistries are very common for halogenated organic compounds.

The addition of such chemistry as liquid ammonia chemistry and grignard chemistry further expanded our capabilities to utilize these versatile molecules to further support our customer base. GFS offers a tremendous range of halogenated alkynes, alkenes (olefins), alkanes, cyclic and heteroaromatic compounds that support internal and external projects.

Although we don't handle fluorine or fluorides in our manufacturing plant we do offer some complementary fluorine containing products to support our customer requirements and fill the product line. Organohalides are widely used building blocks for chain lengthening, grignard production, coupling or amine production. As primary producers of such a wide variety of functional organohalides we're confident you'll see the value in coming to GFS Chemicals.
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Halogenated Compounds
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