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What were originally handled as captive products only, GFS made a conscious decision to share what we knew internally by offering specialty grignards to our customers. Although not a commodity grignard producer GFS has plant capacity to support grignards from lab scale through container loads.

Our focus remains on the specialty grignards that stem from our existing product lines but we are not limited to this. As new halogenated compound inquiries arise we work with our customers to go further downstream by supporting their grignard development as well. Our unique offerings of alkynyl (ie. ethynyl MgCl), olefinic (ie. isopropenyl MgBr), and alkyl (ie. t-butyl MgCl) grignards are supported in several solvents ranging from THF, butyl ether, methyl THF, diethyl ether, etc. Our ability to manufacture these internally help our customers save reactor space and time in their facility.

It also opens up the opportunity to go deeper with our customer base and provide the next step in their chemistry if interested. Our expanding Grignard line is available in bulk, typically freshly made on demand and delivered in a timely manner. We also offer our customers the unique option of purchasing grignards in cylinders. Cylinders can offer improved methods of transfer that increase plant safety and help maintain product quality.
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Grignard Reagents
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