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GFS Chemicals might not be the first name you think of when it comes to such functional groups as aldehydes, alcohols, ketones and amines. However, our 80 years of history and strategic acquisitions have expanded this product group through the addition of some unique chemical synthesis and our buying power tied to the support of our manufacturing operations.

Many of the products we offer are, in turn, used to support additional down stream chemistry - aldehydes to make secondary alcohols, alcohols to make halogenated compounds, ketones to make tertiary alcohols and amines to support a host of chemistries as an acid scavenger, buffer media or in the production of more functional amines.

GFS not only offers these for sale but as you focus on our other core product offerings we're confident you'll see how we integrate our product listings and chemistry capabilities to focus on the vertical integration of our business.
For more information on our Organic Product Line for Process Chemistry, Please visit www. GFSOrganics.com.
Fine Organics
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