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Laboratory Reagents - Wastewater Treatment Laboratory Reagents

GFS can provide any analytical reagent grade chemical or standard needed by laboratories performing water analysis for water plants and wastewater treatment plants. GFS has been supplying these operations with quality, economical products for more than 80 years.
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Products guaranteed to meet the quality specifications we publish.
Municipal discounts
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We Can Supply Products to Support These Applications
Sample preservation
Trace metals analysis - calibration/reference standards (AA and ICP, ICP-MS) 
High purity acids
Reagents for colorimetric testing
Color - APHA standard
TKN - Total Kjeldal Nitrogen testing              
Nitrogen - nitrate, nitrite and ammonia analyses
Reagents and Indicators for minerals (hardness, alkalinity, chloride)  
pH Testing – buffers and storage solutions, instruments
Conductivity – reference standards and instruments
TOC – Total Organic Carbon testing 
COD -Chemical Oxygen Demand analysis
Reagents for cyanides, cyanate, thiocyanate
Total and free residual chlorine
Chlorine dioxide – meters and reagents
Chloride, chlorite
Dissolved oxygen by Winkler and iodometric titration
FOG - fats, oils and grease
Sulfide, sulfate, sulfite
TPH - Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons extraction methods
Solvents, reagents, silicas
Chromatography specialties liquid - liquid extraction
Semi-volatiles - base neutrals, acids
Volatiles by purge and trap
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