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Inorganic Packaging and Drying


Because of the refinement of our moisture control technologies, GFS has built a world-class
reputation in the manufacture of anhydrous fine chemicals, specialty chemicals and temperature-sensitive chemicals. We have a state-of-the-art dedicated dry room for production and packaging, where constant dew point and humidity are maintained. Our drying technology will continue to evolve as customers challenge us with more specific anhydrous requirements.
Whether you’re buying grams or metric tons, your product can be packaged to your specifications – drums, cylinders, bags, boxes, pails or totes.


GFS Chemicals has built a world-class reputation in the manufacture of anhydrous materials for decades through continuous refinement of moisture control technologies. Our proprietary in-house drying methods have led to the development of numerous value-added anhydrous chemicals for electronics, battery, pharmaceutical and specialty applications.


Our production environment gives us the flexibility to offer you innovative solutions for all of your chemical needs. GFS research and development can support you with the chemicals that your application requires. Using our proven technology to customize your product, we create customer-specific item numbers and SKUs to streamline and safeguard your process. Our formalized and repeatable ISO manufacturing ensures that you get the same exact material every time. We package according to your
requirements in small packages through drums.
If your application requires more stringent conditions, we have experience with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) processes. We are a key supplier of critical materials for numerous Fortune 100, GMP manufacturers. We understand the needs of our GMP
customers – including pharmaceutical Manufacturers


Product performance starts with manufacturing. Our state-of-the-art production facilities in Columbus,
Ohio, coupled with our innovative manufacturing expertise, allow us to produce
the quantity
of superior-quality chemicals that you need. Whether your procedures or processes call for liters, grams, kilograms or metric tons, GFS can deliver the exact quantity of chemical you need– on time, just-in-time, every time.