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Crystallization Technology

GFS Chemicals is a critical supplier to some of the largest companies in the World because of our flexibility and desire to provide exactly what our customers need. While the majority of our product offerings are ACS Reagent grade materials; GFS has the technology in place to tailor our processes to meet exact customer requirements. One reason our customers work with GFS is due to our consistency. We don’t lot select for special requirements - we think this is a disservice to our customers who rely on a long term source for high purity products. Do you want to source a c

ritical material from someone that achieves the required specifications 10 or 15% of the time? 
Project Managers work with GFS because they want to know that every batch of material we make for them will meet the specifications that are critical to their process. If you require products with additional trace metal requirements, GFS will tailor the raw material stream and process parameters to make what you need every time. We can control the contaminants in the process because of our vertical integration in high purity acid distillation and our expertise in purification processes that builds on over 85 years of excellence.

We can customize nearly any product or scale with our plant capabilities, including both glass lined and stainless steel equipment that ranges from 15 Gallon to 2,000 Gallon capacity.

Most importantly, we understand that production and quality go hand in hand. GFS knows that customers must be able to trust our certificates of analysis so we take our QC responsibilities seriously. The Inorganic QC staff is made up of 5 degreed scientists, including 2 Master degreed chemists. We have ICP-OES capabilities as well as Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy to quantify trace impurities accurately. Every lot is tested to ensure that material will meet our specifications. Knowing that your material has been testing correctly is a critical piece of your supply chain.

Whether you are in the R&D phase, pilot scale or full scale production, you can be assured that GFS can support your application. Quality. Consistency. Security.

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