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Chemical Manufacturing Support for Contract Research (CRO) & Contract Management Organizations (CMO)

GFS Chemicals Specialty Manufacturing can uniquely support your contract research organization. It is our responsiveness, attention to detail, expertise and planning that set us apart. 
Our team brings great value, not overhead, to your project and here’s why:
Operating under many of the same principles as contract organizations, GFS has served high tech and pharmaceutical Fortune 500 companies around the globe for 80+ years.  GFS is committed to surpassing your service level for complex, deadline-driven, confidential projects.
We bring a practical approach to custom chemistry
Leveraging our proprietary product base, we customize our materials to meet your requirements. That saves you time, learning curve and money. Our vertical integration strategy provides you with a reliable, predictable, and consistent source for raw materials.
GFS is your best choice for custom acetylene chemistry because the company has a backbone of experience having manufactured over 350 of 600 acetylene compounds and derivatives.
We offer a “no surprises” methodology
Your project is evaluated from all perspectives. Your single point of contact directly manages the operations group and maintains regular contact through e-mail, telephone, conference call or in-person as required. The project lead conducts team meetings routinely to supply you with status reports and progress updates.
In addition, we won’t take on a project unless our core technology matches your requirements. If your quote requirements are not a good fit for our chemistries, we will let you know immediately.
And as a privately held company, we can make investment decisions to add capacity or equipment on a project. Decisions can be made quickly.
Flexibility for Contract Research
While other companies are focused on one manufacturing method, GFS is skilled in handling many hazardous materials to manufacture acetylenes including acetylene, liquid ammonia and bromine. GFS uses liquid ammonia in many applications.  With over forty years experience manufacturing acetylene compounds and derivatives, GFS Chemicals is the most reliable partner for pilot scale, plant scale, production scale or research and development scale projects involving acetylene chemistry.
 Specializing in kilos to ten metric tons
Core Competencies
Acetylene Chemistry
Propargylic Amines
Specialty Halides
Si Blocked Compounds
Custom Grignard Chemistry
Birch Reductions
Alpha/Omega Functionalization
Bromine Chemistry

 Organic Reaction Expertise
Acetylide Coupling
Dissolving metal reductions
Friedel-Crafts Reaction
Gabriel Synthesis
Low P Hydrogenation
Skraup Reactions
Sonogashira Coupling
Stille Coupling
Suzuki Coupling
GFS organic production operations are a zero discharge facility compliant with all local and federal EPA regulations. We adhere to ISO 9001:2008 standards for quality practices and have been ISO certified since 1997.
As a U.S. based chemical producer, our three divisions span organic, inorganic and analytical chemistry. The GFS Chemicals catalog lists over 6,000 small bottle reagents for R&D and Q.C.
Customers benefit from our manufacturing expertise in both organic and inorganic chemistry.
GFS Chemicals Inorganic Manufacturing Division – Producing Kilos to Metric Tons:

Oxidizers & Catalysts
 Anhydrous Salts
Demanding Specifications at Bulk Rates
Interested in learning more? E-mail us at or call Krista Goebel at
614-224-5013 extension 355