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Consider GFS Chemicals


• 85+ years of chemical manufacturing and chemistry experience supporting process and commercial applications

• Knowledgeable chemists and operators who have a complete understanding of the manufacturing process

• Scale-up flexibility from small sample sizes to drums to metric tons, to ensure consistent quality from R&D to pilot to final production

• International expertise shipping products to 85+ countries means your products will arrive on time, meeting all regulatory compliance regulations

• Technical support and resources every step of the way

• Dedicated, responsive customer support personnel and points of contact

• Competitive pricing and reliable production lead times

• U.S.-based quality manufacturing to ensure material availability, consistency and delivery

• Experienced staff who understand the complexities and dependencies of process chemistry

 Contact us regarding your specialty or process application. We promise to exceed your expectations for innovative chemical technology solutions.

GFS Chemicals: Adapting Core Chemistries to Customer - Specifications Across the Periodic
Table Since 1928

At GFS, chemists and technicians can connect to a single company with manufacturing resources in all key areas of chemistry. Customers rely on us for our problem solving ability. Our proven technologies, technical expertise, engineering excellence and attention to detail allow us to work hand-in-hand with our customers every step of the way – from startup to commercialization.

GFS technology and products have kept us steps ahead of the industry’s ever- changing chemical needs.

GFS Chemicals began when Professor G. Frederick Smith started producing perchloric acid in a small factory in Columbus, Ohio. Since then, GFS has grown to become a leading producer of specialty chemicals with performance-proven technologies for laboratory, analytical, scientific, research and development, pilot scale production, and manufacturing applications.

Performance-Proven Chemical Technologies for:

• Advanced Energy Storage

• Agriculture

• Aerospace

• Alternative Energy

• Automotive Engineering

• Batteries

• Biotechnology

• Catalysts

• Environmental

• Government Projects

• Homeland Security & Defense

• Industry

• Life Sciences

• Manufacturing

• Medical

• Nanotechnology

• Optics

• Paints & Coatings

• Pharmaceuticals

• Petrochemicals

• Polymers

• Power Generation

• Research & Development

• Resins 

A Single Source - GFS Chemicals, the single source for a wide variety of organic and inorganic chemicals with strong manufacturing capabilities to support:

Analytical laboratories

 Research and Development Divisions

Process chemistry and pilot scale production

Real People with Real Answers - Serious chemists have always known they can count on GFS to get the technical assistance they need. Speak directly with a chemist for information on custom specifications and packaging or innovative chemical reactions impacting various technologies. Manufacturers have trusted GFS with their custom chemical needs for over 80 years.

Purchasing Power -
GFS recognizes the long-term benefits of providing competitively priced, quality products and services. Since we manufacture, you benefit from direct pricing, consistent quality, and personal attention to your order.

Exceptional Customer Service - Our people understand the importance of strong customer relationships, whether the customer is a small, independent lab or a large corporate research facility. Our culture of service dates back to 1928 when Professor G. Frederick Smith started GFS based on the principle “Veritas Tametsi Caela Candant”- Truth though the heavens may fall. We embrace this value by providing straight answers to your questions about price, product and delivery. And if we cannot provide the product you need, we will tell you who can.

GFS Chemicals – Your Personal Bond to Better Chemistry - call us today. 800-858-9682