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For many years, GFS has provided chemists with many of the specialized solutions for trace element analysis and quality testing.
Larger sizes and customer specific SKU modifications can be made upon request.
GFS also manufactures process chemicals in drums and metric ton quantities for applications such as air bag propellants.

GFS manufactures and supplies a wide variety of products for automotive applications:
 Potassium Perchlorate
 Perchloric Acid
 Cobalt Chromate
 Nickel Borate
 Magnesium Sulfide
 Hydrochloric Acid 6.0 N
 ACS, Reagent and Environmental Acids
 Aluminum Hydroxide
 Barium Nitrate
 Watermark Karl Fischer Reagents
 Wide range of products for Spectroscopy
 N- Butyl Alcohol
 Silver Nitrate
 In-Spec® UV Vis Validation Standards (APHA Color Standards, Absorption, Visible and Invisible Light)
 Sodium and Potassium Hydroxide
 Calcium Chloride Anhydrous
 Drierite and Silica Gels
 Custom Standards
 AA and ICP Standard Solutions
 Anion Standard Solutions
 Standard Solutions for Trace Metal Analysis

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For more information contact:
Michelle Hembree
Account Specialist
1-800-838-5567 ext. 132