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Lithium Compounds Low Trace Metal Specifications and Dry


GFS can supply many high purity lithium compounds-- including lithium salts, lithium carbonate, lithium perchlorate and lithium iodide.
Unlike some chemical manufacturers, GFS lithium compounds are produced from virgin lithium hydroxide-- not from low cost, low quality lithium raw material residues.
Purity levels for some GFS products can exceed 99.99 percent.

Products are available in whatever size you need-- from grams and kilograms to bulk metric tons. If your requirements call for a more economical depleted lithium salt, we can also supply those products.
Quantity and Quality

We supply bulk quantities from multi-kilograms to ton lots with special emphasis on 1 ton to 10 metric tons. Inquire for scale up projects above 10 metric tons. Our on-site quality control team insures that you will receive product consistency from lot to lot. And since we manufacture the materials,we can provide excellent technical support.

All products purchased are shipped with a batch specific Certificate of Analysis and Material Safety Data Sheet.
As a company with over 80 years of experience, we continue to be a preferred vendor for many Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Our customer service is second to none and we treat small to mid-sized companies with the same excellent care. 


Our quote turnaround time for bulk quotes is timely with many quotes sent within 48 hours for large scale projects. You can rely on our estimates to meet your critical timeline. 


We understand that packaging is an important part of the deliverable you expect from your supplier. GFS has extensive knowledge of packaging and is well known for providing flexible packaging and labelling to meet your specific needs. We also supply many companies with private label materials. Our ISO 9001:2000 certified facility is committed to an attention to detail. Our mission is to exceed your expectations every time.
For your confidential quote, please contact or call 800-858-9682.
 Lithium Product Listing:

Lithium Acetate

Lithium Benzoate

Lithium Metaborate

Lithum Tetraborate

Lithium Carbonate

Lithium Chloride

Lithium Chromate

Lithium Citrate

Lithium Formate

Lithium Hydroxide

Lithium Iodide

Lithium Iodate

Lithium Niobate

Lithium Nitrate

Lithium Perchlorate

Lithium Phosphate, monobasic

Lithium Sulfate

Lithium Amide

Lithium Bromide

Lithium Thiocyanate

Trilithium Aluminum Hexahydride

For more information, contact:

Robert Kramer
614-224-5345 extension 360