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Process Chemistry

A Proven Leader in Excellence and Innovation Chemistry

R&D through Commercialization

It’s that simple. For over 85 years, GFS has partnered with virtually all technology sectors and provided chemists and engineers of every industry with the quality and consistency that they require. Our customers range from R&D labs to commercial scale producers, small manufacturers to Fortune 100 companies, and everyone in between. Our flexibility and versatility is what makes GFS a recognized name around the world as a partner to better chemistry.

Our compounds are used in a wide variety of applications and markets:

Aerospace: raw materials for coatings, optics and propellants

Power Storage: specialty raw materials for battery electrolytes, fuel cells, solar cells and advanced energy research

Pharmaceuticals: catalysts, oxidizers, desiccants, buffers, low-moisture salts and low-trace metal compounds

Electronics/Semiconductors: etchants, acids, photoresists, constituents for CMP slurries, dopants, polishes and thermal coatings

Automotive: starting materials for propellants, initiators, coatings, anti-corrosives, fuel cell development and electrochromics

Petroleum: materials for catalysis, additives, drilling and emission control

Medical/Biomedical: advanced materials and raw materials for imaging technologies and displays

Contact us to find out what we can do for you. Our technology and capacity has expanded as a direct result of our desire to support the complex needs of our customers. Our goal is to help solve problems. Let us be a part of your next success story.

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