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Increased Capacity of High Purity Nitric Acid & Nitrate Salts

FS has completed our expansion of manufacturing and distillation capacity for nitric acid.  Whether you use high purity acid directly in your process or you require bulk nitrate salts with low trace metal impurities, we have the experience, expertise and capacity to provide you with a secure, domestic supply chain.

Nitrate Salts are a core focus at GFS Chemicals. We have been producing high purity Nitrate compounds for over 80 years. Many of the Worlds largest companies rely on GFS for their critical raw material needs. Our recent expansion allows us to dedicate more capacity to this group of products and meet more stringent customer requirements. How safe is your supply chain? Can you get what you need, when you need it?

Our vertical integration allows us to consistently supply a wide array of compounds in a variety of purity and moisture levels.

Let us know how we can improve your supply chain today. Quality. Consistency. Security.

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(614) 224-5345 ext. 360
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Aluminum Nitrate (Item #644)
Ammonium Nitrate (Item #646)
Barium Nitrate (Item #858)
Bismuth Nitrate (Item #864)
Cadmium Nitrate (Item #871)
Calcium Nitrate (Item #779)
Cerium Nitrate (Item #30)
Cerium (IV) Ammonium Nitrate (several grades available - Item #13, 768, 7683 & 2909)
Cesium Nitrate (Item #887)
Cobalt Nitrate (Item #631)
Copper Nitrate (Item #901)
Iron Nitrate (Item #922)
Lanthanum Nitrate (Item #633)
Lead Nitrate (Item #607)
Lithium Nitrate (Item #611)
Magnesium Nitrate (Item #786)
Mercury (I) Nitrate (Item #613)
Mercury (II) Nitrate (Item #957)
Nickel Nitrate (Item #5317)
Nitric Acid (Item #626)
Potassium Nitrate (Item #655)
Rubidium Nitrate (Item #1016)
Silver Nitrate (Item #378)
Sodium Nitrate (Item #658)
Strontium Nitrate (Item #808)
Yttrium Nitrate (Item #1216)
Zinc Nitrate (Item #1061)
For more information, contact Robert Kramer at
 (614) 224-5345 ext. 360 or visit

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