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Process Chemistry

GFS Chemicals - Inorganic Technologies for Innovative Applications

As science advances, so do we.  GFS is committed to the ongoing development of technologies that are critical to chemists and material scientists of all disciplines.  Answering the challenge of addressing increasingly stringent material requirements is what makes GFS Chemicals a valuable partner to our customers.  With over 85 years of expertise in chemical manufacturing, GFS has built a reputation of being a flexible, agile and service-oriented producer of critical raw materials for a wide array of markets and applications.

Decades of both chemical and engineering experience are what allows GFS to address opportunities in highly specialized custom Inorganic chemical manufacturing.  Nearly all of our products are able to be tailored to the exact specifications that our customers require.  GFS doesn’t lot select materials, we engineer our processes to operate consistently and produce the required quality every time.  We believe that vertical process integration is a critical requirement to being a secure supply chain to our customers.  Over the years we have integrated a vast majority of the Periodic Table to our offerings, but our products have been built on the back bone of our core technologies outlined below:

Moisture Sensitive Compounds:

GFS produces a wide variety of specialty anhydrous materials.  The requirements of our customers in the fields of electronics, pharmaceutical production and power storage have helped build our versatile drying operations.  Whether a product requires an ambient or low heat drying process, tray drying under vacuum or highly automated parameters run under rotary vacuum conditions; GFS has the technology in place to control both the production and the packaging environment so our customers can receive the material that meets their requirements.  In addition to tray drying and various oven configurations, we have scalability ranging from 2.5 ft3 to 110 ft3 rotary dryers to provide most customers with their requirements throughout the entire product life cycle from development through to full scale commercialization.  GFS also understands that drying material isn’t value added unless it is still dry when our customers open the package.  Our state of the art dry room has the capacity to facilitate the packaging of most any size container to ensure that no moisture absorption takes place during final packaging.  With moisture controls capable of producing <1% relative humidity, we can take our products from equipment to the final package without ever being exposed to the ambient environment.  

High Purity Acid Distillation and Low Trace Metal Salts:

GFS knows that vertical integration makes us stronger.  The company was founded on high purity Acid Distillation and it remains our leading technology today.  Our distillation technology has been designed internally to meet our exact needs.  Our distillation capacity has been improved and expanded over the last several years due to growing demand for both captured acid as well as corresponding salts.  Whether we are distilling Nitric Acid for sale to our customers or are using it internally to produce an ultra pure Nitrate Salt, you can rest assured knowing that we control the process for the highest quality and most consistent results.  Our distillation and crystallization technology makes GFS the perfect partner for anyone who relies on Nitrates, Perchlorates, Chlorides, Chlorates, Sulfates, Iodates and Periodates.

Oxidation and Catalysis:

The technology that GFS utilizes inherently makes us a core producer of specialized materials used for oxidation and catalytic applications.  Our foundation in core chemistries that include Rare Earth compounds, Perchlorates, Nitrates etc. provides an amazingly wide offering of products to fit most any application that requires an oxidizing agent.  GFS was founded on Perchloric Acid, and remains the largest producer of high purity Perchloric Acid in the world.  Our expertise in the production and safe handling of strong oxidizers makes GFS a valuable partner to our customers who realize the importance of process safety and proven chemistry. 

We also know that time is money.  Our strength in moistu
re sensitive salts and high purity compounds makes GFS a perfect source for materials used in catalysis.  Reaction rates are critical to our customers, and GFS offers numerous rare earth and transition metal compounds that serve as versatile catalysts in applications ranging from polymer production to downstream support of API’s in Pharmaceutical applications.  In addition, we have a business unit devoted to organic chemical synthesis, making GFS a valuable partner in most any kind of reaction ranging from acid-base chemistry to multi step organic synthesis.  GFS also has several cross functional technical publications to address the use of these types of materials: “The Practical Use of Anhydrous Lithium and Magnesium Perchlorate in Organic Synthesis” and the second edition of “Perchloric Acid and Perchlorates” are just two examples of our books and monographs.

Below is a partial list of our technical capabilities:

 Rotary Vacuum Drying (2.5 ft3 up to 110 ft3)
 Tray Drying
 Heavy Metal Production
 Rare Earth Processing
 Custom Packaging
 Packaging of Moisture Sensitive Compounds
 Reactors ranging from 30 gallon to 2,000 gallon capacity

 Core Chemistries include:

 Perchloric Acid & High Purity Perchlorate Salts
 Rare Earth Chemistry including Cerium, Lanthanum, Yttrium and Gadolinium
 Nitric Acid & Nitrate Salts
 Hydrochloric Acid & Chloride Salts
 Oxalic Acid and Oxalate Compounds
 Iodic Acid and Associated Compounds (Iodates, Periodates)
 Heavy Metal Compounds including Mercury, Cadmium, Cobalt, Copper and Nickel
 ACS Reagent Grade Salts and other High Purity Materials

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