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  Three Core Chemical Manufacturing Technologies

Organic Specialty Intermediates
• Inorganic Chemicals and Catalysts
• Analytical Reagents and Solutions


The GFS chemical manufacturing program features three core technologies that, at first glance, might not seem to be very interdependent. However, a closer look at a novel organic reagent system, Lithium Perchlorate in Diethyl Ether, shows how specialty chemical development pathways can cross at unusual points.

GFS has been involved with Inorganic perchlorate chemistries since the 1920's. Recently, the technology to dry bulk lithium perchlorate to moisture levels below 300 ppm has opened up new opportunities in the use of LiClO4-diethyl ether (and other solvents) to promote novel synthetic organic chemical syntheses in bulk.


The GFS experience in Rare Earth chemistry and advanced material drying technologies has led to bulk chemical manufacturing of dry cerous chloride, an Inorganic reagent that activates C=O groups toward reaction with various organometallic synthetic intermediates.


The GFS organic chemical manufacturing group also makes a one molar solution of sodium biphenyl in ethyl diglyme, which is used in the analysis of organic halides (OHR). There are many good examples of how GFS can be an especially valuable resource for organic and inorganic research chemicals as well as analytical reagents, all shown below….

GFS Organic Research Chemicals

• Acetylenes and Olefins
• Silanes and Silyl Intermediates
• Phenanthrolines, Bipyridines and Porphine Ligands, plus Ruthenium and other Metal Complexes
• Ionophores
• Cholesteryl Esters
• Polyethylenimine Resins and Precious Metal Catalysts
• Solvents and Reagents for Synthetic Organic Chemical Research

GFS Inorganic Specialty Chemicals

• Perchloric Acid and Perchlorate Compounds
• Rare Earth Salts and Solutions
• Anhydrous Bulk Reagent Chemicals
• Lithium Compounds
• Periodic Acid/Iodic Acid and Salts
• High Purity Inorganic Chemicals and Single Phase Materials
• Silver Salts
• Products for Superconductivity

GFS Analytical Reagents

• Watermark® Karl Fischer Reagents, Pyridine-Free and Pyridine Based
• Veritas® Trace Metal Acids
• ACS Reagents
• AA/ICP/Ion Standards
• pH Reference Buffers
• Indicators
• Primary Standards and Analytical Solutions
• Quat Salts and Solutions
• Environmental and Contract Lab Standard Solutions

• Sorbents and Solvents for Chromatography including Silicas, Aluminas, Ion Exchange Resins 

Amco Clear® Turbidity Standards

Inspec® Spectrophotometric Standards


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Three Core Chemical Manufacturing Technologies