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  Client Solutions = Chemical Selection + Customer Service

Chemical problem solving requires several factors working closely together:


• Demonstrated capabilities in well-defined areas of chemical manufacturing
• Engineering experience that can safely address chemical problem issues
• Commitment to creating client relationships, not just "making customers"


 For more information e-mail or call 1-877-534-0795.Chemical manufacturing versatility combined with family-business tradition at GFS has translated customer service into client solutions for over 80 years. For example:

GFS Chemical Manufacturing in Support of NASA Space Program
In the 1960's when the NASA space program began to focus on the Apollo missions and the goal to retrieve and analyze lunar samples, GFS was asked to develop a process that would manufacture high purity acids having virtually no trace metal contaminants. By using specially designed quartz stills, we were able to provide NASA scientists with the highest quality acid available, including the perchloric acid needed to digest these unique samples. GFS continues to be a primary producer of Trace Metal grade acids used in all kinds of advanced analytical protocols.

Traditional GFS Amine Ligands Finding New Use as Chemical Sensors
Many of the heteroaromatic amine ligands that were developed in the 1930's are now playing an important role in fiber optic and sensor technologies. Bathophenanthroline (4,7-diphenyl-1,10-phenanthroline) complexes of Ruthenium(II) have been engineered into a broad range of chemical sensing systems. In the 1990's, customers advised us that the growth of some technologies of considerable environmental impact depended upon the development of complexes having more favorable solubility in organic and polymeric matrices. In response, GFS chemists were able to manufacture a new, more soluble tetraphenylboron salt of (tris) Bathophenanthroline ruthenium(II) and make it available for chemical sensor research.

GFS Meets Special Needs for Pharmaceutical Process Chemicals
Manufacturing pharmaceutical intermediates requires raw materials and reagents meeting especially tight specifications. Major drug companies have learned that GFS can manufacture many chemical products in ton lots to specifications more stringent that those described in the GFS catalog. Taking a 50 gram sample to commercial volumes in a few months goes a long way toward building the long-term client relationship that has been the tradition at GFS since 1928.

Commercial Markets also Benefit from GFS Client Solutions
Several years ago GFS was approached about providing an active, hard-surface sanitizer that was needed in the beverage service market. At the time, GFS had no experience with the material and no facility designed to carry out the chemical manufacturing on large scale. Within six months, the GFS plant site was modified to create a facility that was approved by customer, EPA, and FDA, and we implemented a manufacturing process for this active ingredient that continues to this day.

Broader Manufacturing Capabilities = Better Client Solutions
GFS has greatly enhanced its chemical manufacturing capabilities in recent years. With increasing resources for R&D and for the development of both technical and safety information, GFS offers a broad range of client solutions on both the organic and inorganic sides of the business.
In some cases, the two chemical disciplines can be brought together to offer unique problem solving capabilities. GFS has been the primary supplier of anhydrous lithium perchlorate to the battery industry for decades. Now we are helping to develop new methodologies for complex chemical synthesis involving solutions of anhydrous lithium perchlorate and magnesium perchlorate in organic solvents such as diethyl ether or ethyl acetate. Commercialization of this technology offers many attractive possibilities in the manufacture of pharmaceutical precursors, agricultural intermediates, and in polymer synthesis.  Contact to receive a free copy.