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Perchloric Acid

Perchloric acid is one of the most proven materials for etching of liquid crystal displays and critical electronics applications. Once only thought of for analytical lab analysis, it has become reinvented as a novel compound for applications ranging from polymerization catalysis to ore extractions.
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  • GFS is one of the largest producers of perchloric acid and specialty perchlorate salts in the world.
  • Because of the unusual properties of perchloric acid dehydrate there are many uses in chemical analysis:
  • • As a solvent for metals and alloys
  • • As a dehydrating agent, particularly in the determination of silica in iron and steel and in cement and other silicate materials.
  • • As an oxidizing agent, especially in the determination of chromium in steel, ferrochrome, chromite, leather and chromatized cat gut.
  • • In combination with nitric acid for the destruction of organic matter, especially in preparation for the determination of calcium, arsenic, iron, copper and other metals in such materials; also in the determination of sulfur in coal and rubber.
  • • As a solvent for sulfide ores for the determination of copper and other metals
  • • In the separation and determination of the alkali metals sodium and potassium
  • • In combination with hydrochloric acid in the separation of other metals by distillation of chromyl chloride.
  • • In the isolation of fluoride prior to its determination by distillation as hydrofluorosilicic acid
  • • As a deproteinization reagent in food analysis; for example, in the determination of butterfat in dairy products
  • • As an adjunct to increase the reduction potential of cerate salts in volumetric analysis
  • • As a primary standard acid, perchloric acid, when distilled in a vacuum at a carefully regulated pressure of 7mm, has exactly the composition of the dehydrate, 73.6% HCLO4
  • • Indirectly in the manufacture of anhydrous magnesium perchlorate, the best of the absorbents for water in analytical work
  • • As a strong standard acid for the titration of bases
  • • As the strongest of the strong acids when dissolved in anhydrous acetic acid for the titration of bases in non-aqueous solvents
  • All of the applications of perchloric acid listed above are in routine use in industrial and testing laboratories.
  • Perchloric Acid