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GFS Chemicals Announces Additional Trace Metal Grade High Purity Nitric Acid

Columbus OH, June 12, 2012
To meet the growing demand for high purity nitric acid, GFS Chemicals has recently expanded the distillation capacity and capability for producing double distilled nitric acid packaged in leached FEP bottles.
Veritas® Double DistilledUltrapure grade is redistilled to achieve low ppt level metals impurities.  GFS has expanded their specifications to now include analysis on sixty metals.
Packed in pre-leached FEP bottles to help eliminate bottle composition contamination, reported results are “as bottled” and verified to maintain performance over time prior to opening.  All analytical results reported by GFS Chemicals and confirmed by a 3rd party testing laboratory, specify sixty trace elements in the range
from <10 to – 1000 ppt.  
New environmental/ICP grade acids packed in economical PPQ resin bottles are available for many applications.  GFS Environmental/ICP acids are trace metal grade in lower ppb levels (
Customers can also choose from ACS to Superior to Redistilled grade acids packaged in 2.5L flint glass.  
GFS meets the ACS Reagents Committee guidelines for Nitric Acid. ACS Superior meets the ACS grade with verification that additional trace metals are reported and absent at ppm levels. 
GFS Redistilled acids are distilled from ACS grade producing trace metal grade quality in low ppb levels (< 10 ppb each at the time of bottling into glass bottles. Elements such as Al, B, Ca, K, Mg, Mn, Na and Si can be expected to increase over time based on the bottles used).
GFS has been distilling high purity acids since the 1950’s. Not sure which grade to choose?  Call or e-mail us anytime and we will answer your questions, provide a quote or send you additional product specifications. E-mail or call 800-858-9682.

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Jyothi Pisipati, Marketing Director

GFS Chemicals, Inc.
800 Kaderly Drive
Columbus,OH 43228